What does participation involve?

Recruited providers will need to provide written consent to participate in the study and nominate a site liaison person. 

Each provider will be assigned a two-person Fieldwork Management Team (FMT), that will support aged care providers throughout the prospective data collection.  FMTs will engage with the provider site liaison person to organise the training, support and data collection and extraction arrangements. 

Providers will be asked to recruit between 50 and 150 of their consumers, that meet the inclusion/exclusion criteria, to participate in the study. 

Once consumers have provided their consent (consent forms will be provided), contact details for the consumer will be released to HealthConsult who will schedule a re-assessment for the consumer and their informal carer where relevant.

Please note, re-assessment by the project-specific assessors is only for the purpose of collecting data for the development and testing of the ACF system, it is not intended that the assessment outcome will impact on the services provided to a consumer.

FMTs will support providers to collect and transfer to HealthConsult the required data:

  • service usage data for the recruited consumers (person level)
  • aggregate financial data (organisation level)
  • aggregate workforce data (organisation level)

HealthConsult recognises the need to be flexible in how this data is collected.  The aim will be to extract data from the provider’s existing systems but, where necessary, other data collection methods will be used.  The overriding aim will be to minimise burden on providers. 

What will you get by participating?

Aside from influencing and making an important contribution to the development of the support at home program and aged care reform more generally, participating providers will be invited to a one-on-one feedback discussion with HealthConsult, which will include:

  • HealthConsult presenting the provider’s cost model that we will build using the data provided, as well as de-identified benchmarks to increase the value of the feedback
  • An opportunity for providers to communicate feedback on the study infrastructure and support.