Where is the ACF study at

The data collection phase of the ACF study has now been completed. This is a major milestone and achievement for the project. Thank you to all the providers, assessors and consumers that made this possible through the pandemic.

  • All reassessments, using the Integrated Assessment Tool (IAT) have been completed for participating consumers and the associated service utilisation data gathered from their Providers has been collated.
  • The financial data has been collected from participating Providers and processed through the cost model to derive an output unit for each service type.
  • Feedback sessions with assessors involved in the administering the IAT has also been completed through an online survey and virtual workshop and the input is being used to refine the IAT.
  • Close out meetings with Providers have been completed, providing an opportunity to share the output from their cost model through a bespoke benchmarked dataset. Each Provider was presented with a data pack showing where their costs were in comparison to other Providers for in-scope services they deliver, as well as variations in costs by state, location and Provider type.

The data from all these sources is currently being used to develop the ACF classification system and funding models and refine the IAT.

Substitutability Study

The SS is a subset of the ACF study looking at characteristics/needs of people receiving a higher level of in-home care (home care packages level 3 and 4) and residents in lower level residential care to see what supports would be needed if people were to stay at home longer.  All clients and residents that participated were assessed using both the IAT and ANACC tool. Analysis of this data is now being used to determine what additional levels of support are needed to be provided in the home to enable consumer choice regarding the setting in which aged care services are provided (i.e. in a RACF and/or in home).

Thank You

We are extremely grateful for all the support and hard work that participating Providers and assessors have undertaken to support the success of the ACF study project.

Overview of the ACF Study